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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you engrave additional inscription onto existing monuments?

Yes. The cost of this depends on the amount of letters you need engraved.  If you email us the inscription you would like to add onto an existing stone we will provide you with a quotation.


What is your guarantee?

5 year guarantee on new granite memorials - We certify that the headstone you purchase is made from the best quality granite materials. We guarantee your memorial will be made to the specifications you approved. Should there be an error on our part, we will replace your headstone at no cost to you.


What is your average delivery time?

A new monument usually takes 8-10 weeks.  Additional inscription on to an existing monument usually takes around 6-8 weeks.


Do you ship outside of Victoria?



What is your cancellation policy after placing order?

You have 24 hours to cancel your order. Time is limited due to our shipping time.


What payment types do you offer?

We accept cheques, EFT, net transfer, credit card & cash.


Will the cemetery accept a memorial purchased from you?

Most cemeteries will as long as the headstone meets the cemetery’s rules and regulations for style, colour, size, etc. We recommend calling your cemetery for these rules and regulations before you purchase a headstone. If you need assistance with your cemetery regulations you may contact us.


Can you ship a headstone to a residential address?

Small plaques only. Please contact us for more information.


Do you engrave in foreign languages?



What additional costs may occur?

Additional fees may include, concrete foundation fee’s & cemetery fees.

Who may place a memorial/monument on a burial site?

In most cemeteries, the person who is the Holder Of Right Of Internment. Check with the cemetery staff first as prior approval will be required.

What types of memorials are available?

As a general rule, most memorials fall into three categories:

  1. Bronze, Brass or Granite plaque.(cremation memorial or lawn site).

  2. Granite or Marble Lawn headstone. (usually upright in a lawn section)

  3. Full monument. (total site covered with a headstone and ledger (slab).


How can I go about putting a memorial on the grave of my relatives who were buried a long time ago?

Check with your cemetery. They will be able to assist you with information no matter how long ago the burials or cremations remains occurred.

We are happy to help as long as we are sticking to the cemeteries rules & regulations of what is allowed to be placed on the plot.

Why do I need to pay a cemetery fee to place a memorial?

  1. In most cemeteries, when you purchase a monument, the mason needs to submit an "Application" or "Permit" to the Cemetery Authority, giving details and a plan of the proposed monument. The fee charged ensures some security for you by enabling the cemetery staff to:-

  2. Check that the monument will be placed in the correct site.

  3. Check that the "Application" has been signed by the person(s) who has the authority to place a monument on the site.

  4. Assure that the details, design and plan of the monument conforms to the regulations of the Cemetery Authority concerned, and construction complies with that state's standards.

  5. Record the date of placement of the monument in the records relating to the site, and the name of the Mason who performed the work.

  6. Check from time to time on your behalf during the construction of the monument for compliance with the application.         


Can I insure my monument?


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