Granite Plaque Memorial

At Beautiful Memorials, we respect and cater to all cultural and religious backgrounds. 


There are varieties of ways in which you can honour your loved ones through memorial plaques.  We offer a vast variety of options to our clients and can customise plaques for headstones according to the requirements of the customer, the cemetery rules and regulations. The team at Beautiful Memorials will make sure the design you select honours the heritage of your loved one.

We assist our clients in choosing the design and all elements of the plaque - Texture, colour, visual illustrations, font, placement and the text inscribed to ensure the design is not only aesthetically beautiful, but proves to be a landmark in keeping people’s legacy alive.

Granite can be used to support bronze plaques providing a neat surround.

From granite styled plaques with ceramic photographs to conventional bronze plaques for headstones. 
A granite plaque can be added to a grave if there is no room on the headstone 
We ensure you get the absolute finished look to respect and honour the memory and life of your loved one.
New Granite Plaque 1
Black granite plaque 22"x12" (560mm x 300mm), Gold inscription
Plaque 02
Black granite plaque 22"x12" (560mm x 300mm), Silver inscription
Plaque 03
Black granite plaque 22"x12" (560mm x 300mm), silver inscription
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