Renovations / Additional Lettering

Although monuments are made of of the most durable materials (granite/marble), there is a possibility of needing repairs as the years go by.
New slab and touch up to the existing lettering makes all the difference.
This monument was in a neglected state for a while, until the respected owner discovered its existence and decided to respectfully restore it.
A new headstone with a completely new style of inscription was chosen in place of an old, cracking piece of granite.

New concrete and marble pebble covering and acid clean to the existing stone surrounds made the transformation complete.
There is no before shot for this old monument but as you can see in the background, you could imagine what it looked like before it was renovated.

Work to fix this monument included:

Clean rusty fence
Clean/fix broken marble headstone and new marble base
clean bluestone kerbing with acid
Re-paint existing letters
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