Granite Plaques


Black Granite Plaque 22"x12" (560mm x 300mm), Gold Inscription



Black Granite Plaque 22"x12" (560mm x 300mm), Silver Inscription






Black Granite Plaque 22"x12" (560mm x 300mm), Gold Inscription



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Grave & Memorial Plaques Melbourne

Beautiful Memorials has immense experience in creating and designing fine quality memorial plaques in Melbourne. From Granite styled plaques with ceramic photographs to conventional bronze plaques for headstones, we can make sure you get the absolute finished look to respect and honour the memory and life of your loved ones.

At Beautiful Memorials, we believe in respecting all cultural and religious backgrounds because of which we are able to cater to all types of customers belonging to different backgrounds. We believe that care is a very important part of the kind of business we deal in and therefore we respect our clients immensely and help them in all phases of headstone development and other related areas.

There are varieties of ways present in which you can honour your loved ones through memorial plaques in Melbourne. At Beautiful Memorials, we offer a vast variety of options to our clients and can customize plaques for headstones depending on the requirements of the customers and the cemetery rules and regulations. The team at Beautiful Memorials will make sure that the design you select speaks volumes about the heritage of your loved one.

All the design elements on grave plaques in Melbourne have tremendous value let it be their texture, colour, visual illustrations, font, placement, or the text written on them. Our team helps our customers in all these areas to make sure that we design a plaque, which is not only aesthetically beautiful but proves to be a landmark in keeping people’s legacy alive.

Plaques For Headstones

We welcome our customers to provide directions related to the layout they want on memorial plaques in Melbourne and we love to pitch in our ideas for great collaboration. The two-way communicative design process that we foster at Beautiful Memorials has enabled us to reach out to the hearts of our customers.

Do you want to have a look at our collection? Our creative masonry work can be viewed near Fawkner Cemetery. All guests are whole-heartedly welcome to have a look at our grave plaques in Melbourne, grave headstones and other works of stonework. If you want, you can also have a talk with our staff members and get further information. Our collection will definitely inspire you.

We can recreate our styles and designs according to the requirements of the customers. Therefore, we try to incorporate our signature style with the demands of the clients. Similarly, some clients want completely customized plaques for headstones, in which case our staff members take precise directions and then work towards attaining perfection keeping all the briefs in mind.

With a dedicated and creative team, we can install plaques throughout Melbourne, in any garden, cemetery or memorial ground. You will always see a family member in us who will provide you help and guidance in your time of need. George, Lyn, Rhonda, Laura, and rest of the team at Beautiful Memorials will look forward to your visit.

Granite Plaques are a great alternative to Bronze Plaques as they won't fade in colour over time (as may a bronze plaque) , and they can be used in many various situations.

As pictured right, granite can be used to support bronze plaques providing a neat surround.

A granite plaque can also be placed on a grave to mark the recent deceased if the headstone of an existing monument is already full. See below.



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