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A common design in today's monuments.

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The importance of a memorial:

Stonemasons worldwide have been carving stone for monuments almost before time began. Some of the ancient artifacts collected throughout the ages are reminders to us all of the beginnings and events of mankind. Through these artifacts [monuments of time] we are able to remind ourselves of a time gone by, and reflect upon mankind’s achievements. Without these artifacts, we would have no knowledge of human events and lifestyles etc… throughout humanity’s history.

Three things are certain in life as the saying goes, we’re born, pay taxes and we all die. We all enter this world with just our bare skin, but through living our lives we are creating a type of monument to mankind itself. Some of us will become lawyers and could well try a landmark case that could change the direction the human race evolves. Some of us will explore the heavens [Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, a milestone case for human beings, a monument forever in mankind’s achievements], some of us may live a less considerable existence, but no less important to the people we love and to the people around us. We all touch somebody else’s lives in some way, and are all connected on this planet we live in. Each of us have our own little pocket’s of achievement in life, and for this reason it is important to pay our respects to those achievements and to those we have loved.

Therefore a memorial can be viewed as a stepping stone to the past. Our memories of those we loved are reflected in the memorial we erect for our departed, and for this reason it is important to share those memories with our future generations.

A monument is also [and most importantly] a lasting symbol of remembrance, a prominent reminder to a life now ended, a reflection of that person if you wish. Monuments are a practical way to perpetuate these memories and provide a focal point for family, friends and others. It is, in a way, one of the last things we do for our recently departed. For this reason it is important to spend some time in inspection and making sure you decide on the right type and style of monument for your recently departed.

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Cemeteries are a good place to start. Cemeteries offer the opportunity for you to set your memories in stone or bronze for future generations, satisfying an immediate need and preserving our heritage.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about placing a monument in cemetery grounds.

  • Q. . Why should I memorialise my departed relative? Would they have wanted it?

        A. Memorials pay respect to the departed but they really are for the living. They contribute positively to the grieving process, provide a sense of place and leave a tangible record of a life lived, for the family and future generations.

  • Q. Who may place a memorial/monument on a burial site?

        A. In most cemeteries, the person who holds the Grant/Licence to the burial site (or if that person is the deceased, their Executor, Administrator or Authorised person) is the only person who has the authority to place a memorial on a burial site or cremation memorial site. Check with the cemetery staff first as prior approval will be required.

  • Q. What types of memorials are available?

        A. As a general rule, most memorials fall into three categories:

1. Bronze, Brass or Granite plaque.(cremation memorial or lawn site).
2. Granite or Marble headstone. (usually upright in a lawn section)
3. Full monument, usually of natural stone. (total site covered with a headstone and ledger (slab)).

The style of monument or memorial plaque permitted, and any choices available should be made known when purchasing the Right to the site, and at the time of selection.

  • Q. I don't know about selecting a monument. Where do I start?

        A. It is always advisable to start by selecting a qualified Monumental Mason or at your Cemetery office. You will be able to check correctness of records and be advised regarding permissible memorials and monuments. The Monumental Mason or Cemetery may arrange the memorial and installation for you, but for any stone work it would be advisable to contact a qualified Monumental Mason.

  • Q.Why are some monuments more expensive than others?

        A.There are many options available and prices vary considerably.
A Bronze memorial plaque may be what is required in the cemetery section you have chosen.
If natural stone or granite is to be used, factors such as size, uniqueness, adornments and the source of the memorial components will influence price. Other factors in the price of a granite or stone monument may be in travel and accommodation costs for the Mason if the burial site is at a remote distance from the Mason's yard.
Australia is one of the oldest continents on this planet and has a great variety of granite. Australian granites are equal in quality to any in the world with a range of spectacular colours available.

  • Q.How should I go about putting a memorial on the grave of my relatives who where buried a long time ago?

        A.Check with the cemetery staff. They will be able to assist you with information no matter how long ago the burials or interment of cremated remains occurred.

  • Q.May I arrange a memorial for a person buried or cremated elsewhere, perhaps interstate or overseas?

        A.Most cemeteries or local Monumental Mason's will provide for this type of memorial. Contact either cemetery staff, or the local Monumental Mason of your choice regarding options available.

  • Q.Why do I need to pay a cemetery fee to place a memorial?

        A.In most cemeteries, when you purchase a monument from a Monumental mason, that person needs to submit an "Application" or "Permit" to the Cemetery Authority, giving details and a plan of the proposed monument. The fee charged ensures some security for you by enabling the cemetery staff to:-

  1. Check that the monument will be placed in the correct site.
  2. Check that the "Application" has been signed by the person(s) who has the authority to place a monument on the site.
  3. Assure that the details, design and plan of the monument conforms to the regulations of the Cemetery Authority concerned, and construction complies with that state or your countries standards.
  4. Record the date of placement of the monument in the records relating to the site, and the name of the Mason who did the work.
  5. Check from time to time on your behalf during the construction of the monument for compliance with the application and therefore your wishes.

            In summary, the Cemetery Authority is looking after your interests.

  • Q.Can I insure my monument?

        A.There are policies available in some States to cover damage to monuments, and the Cemetery Authority may be able to assist you with further information.

A stonemason is the best qualified person to ask about a stone monument. You should be able to pick up your local directory to find a stonemason. Also the Internet is becoming a huge source of reference for any type of information you desire. Please look through the styles of monuments we have to offer here on our Web Site, and if there is anything further I could help you with, please don't hesitate to call [0418 900901] or e-mail.
Some thoughts to remember when buying a memorial are things such as:
  • Design criteria, headstone shape etc.

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  • Granite colour
  • Layout of inscription
  • Placement of ornaments, vases, flower containers, photo's etc...
  • Price....

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Throughout this Web Site you will find different designs, styles, adornments and types of cemetery monuments. Please take your time in going through these pages as choosing a memorial is a very meaningful procedure.

Monuments can take many shapes and forms [just as we humans do] as you will see when exploring this web site. A good quality memorial is made of durable materials and is crafted with care.

Most types of granite found in Australia are of excellent quality for this purpose. We at Beautiful Memorials fully guarantee all materials used in the selection process for the use of monuments.[20 year guarantee]

Also within this Web Site you will come across names/titles such as lawn monuments, standard [or single] monuments etc... these are just a way of classifying different styles and sizes of monuments.

I hope I've been able to shed some light on the reasons why we should place a monument for our loved one's. Thank you for stopping by.

Please note: It should not be assumed that the practices and policies outlined in this Web Site are identical in all cemeteries, States or Countries.


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